Solar real estate signs

Get the best illuminated realtor sign the industry has to offer. A lit realtor sign can be the difference between being seen and being completely missed by people passing by as the evening draws on. Our solar real estate yard signs stay lit  for 6-8 hours, while others typically turn off in 3-4 hours. Our most common solar real estate sign has a traditional look making it fit any environment. In the evening our solar real estate signs turn on automatically and turn off during the day. The norm in the real estate sign industry has been to illuminate realtor signs with external lighting sources which cast a light onto the sign or from above the sign. This  lighting system attempts to illuminate the entire sign face which forces your eyes to differentiate the message from its background. Our solar real estate signs, however,  take the lighting of real estate signs to a whole new level. Our illuminated real estate signs are specifically designed to only illuminate your message, thereby making your message and you stand out.  

solar real estate sign

solar real estate sign

lit realtor sign

The making of this sign

As a custom fabricator with nearly 30 years of sign building experience I have tackled many problems along with making what seemed impossible a reality. I have dedicated my career to making companies look their best through their signage and use the latest in technology to do it. I have extensive experience in electrical sign systems, welding, installation, sign service and trouble shooting, custom fabrication, design, cnc routing, lasers, lean production, and much more. Alternative power sources and lighting components have been an interest for me for many years. Over the course of many years has this been in the making, sometimes without knowing the end result. There were quite a few obstacles to overcome, The end result makes it all worth it. You now have access to a sign that is light, portable, well built, durable, easy to install, virtually maintenance free, simple yet elegant in design, is double sided, lights well, is solar powered, can be placed nearly anywhere, and the graphics are customizable. A great network of friends has helped make this a reality. Thank you for taking the time to learn about this product.